father and daughter holding hands

Celebrating Father’s Day in Overland Park at The Atriums Senior Living

Making memories with and devoting the day to your father is likely to be the gift he will treasure most this Father’s Day. At The Atriums, Father’s Day allows residents to catch up with their families, gather with their children and grandchildren, and lift their spirits.

A Lifestyle Fit for a Dad

Our community was designed to grow with the needs of seniors and offers both independent living and assisted living. Inclusiveness, friendliness, comfort and convenience are all part of our ambiance.

Seniors like your dad, especially those who are past retirement age, may find it a challenge to interact socially with others on a daily basis. After a while, this lack of socialization with people outside their home can lead to feelings of isolation and perhaps a lack of self-worth. It’s important for seniors in particular to look for opportunities every day to interact and feel like a contributing member of society.

Sense of Family Brings Feeling of Belonging

Spacious common areas are scattered throughout our luxurious community. Here, your dad can stop and interact to socialize with neighbors every day. You’re likely to find a group of people in these inviting spaces playing cards, laughing over coffee, learning a new board game or discussing current events. Large game rooms and arts rooms keep residents further engaged in interesting activities within our senior living community.

Impressive Amenities Are Geared for An Active Retirement

Since our community is maintenance-free, your dad will have plenty of time for his hobbies or favorite pastimes. We take care of all the routine chores. Best of all, he’ll have top-notch amenities at his doorstep to develop new interests.

Our calendar is filled with a variety of activities that dad will find fun. He can join neighbors for happy hour, sharpen his mind with brain games and trivia, swim in our heated indoor pool, relax in our hot tub and sauna, get the latest hairstyle in our barbershop or learn a new board game. Plus, with the many spacious common areas, the whole family can come over for gatherings and spend quality time together.

Seniors raising Bloody Mary drinks at the bar

In addition, staying fit and strong is a big component of our lifestyle here. A state-of-the-art fitness studio equipped to the max is ready when dad is for private and group workouts. There are plenty of wellness programs to keep dad up to date on the newest health trends as well as yoga and tai chi classes.

Desirable Location Fits Needs of Whole Family

Located in Overland Park, Kansas, our location is ideal for getting out to nearby restaurants, entertainment, parks and recreational sites. You, your dad and the whole family will welcome having so many popular attractions nearby. From the Overland Park Farmers Market and Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens to the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center and Oak Park Mall, some of the city’s most popular spots are a short drive away.

Restaurant-Style, Quality Meals

At The Atriums, dad can look forward to flavorful, fresh, healthy options every day. Dining in our community is much more than savoring delicious cuisine – it’s an energizing communal experience. Our restaurant-style setup will give your dad the opportunity to gather with upbeat people and linger over his meal in an inviting atmosphere.

Prepared by our first-class chef and culinary team, special care is taken with meals to include the proper nutrients for seniors while offering a gourmet dining experience. Meals are made from scratch every day, and we’re always testing new recipes to add zest and variation to the daily menu.

Chef preparing appetizers

Maintaining a Healthy, Nutritious Diet Becomes More Challenging With Age

A nutritious diet can have many positive effects on a senior’s health. Older adults often experience age-related changes that can affect their metabolism, sense of taste and appetite. This can result in skipped meals or unhealthy food choices.

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) recommends a diet that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. How many of those food items are incorporated into your dad’s current diet? NCOA reports the following benefits of healthy eating:

  • Spend less money on medication
  • Schedule fewer doctor visits
  • Decrease the chance of depression
  • Enjoy better overall health

Founded On Family, Focused On Making Dad Feel At Home

Regardless of their level of independence, a key to residents’ happiness within any senior living community is the professional team members who assist them.

At our community, your dad will be involved with staff members every day and interact with them in many ways. Our carefully chosen, experienced service, and care team includes a health and wellness director, clinically licensed nurses, certified nurses, and a life enrichment director. We take a person-centered approach and honor the preferences of the individual as a way to encourage their independence.

Doctor sharing results with senior patient

The background and expertise of the management company or the owner of a community is an important factor when you’re planning your dad’s future. The Atriums is owned and managed by Tutera Senior Living & Health Care. The company was founded by Dominic F. Tutera, M.D., in 1983 and is still run by the Tutera family. Headquartered in Kansas City, MO, Tutera is now one of the nation’s premier providers of diversified, post-acute senior health care services providing a spectrum of services including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, memory care, home health care and hospice in 70 communities in seven states.

Month-to-Month Leasing Is A Flexible Fit For Budgets.

People often have a misperception about the costs related to senior living communities. Most people are surprised at how affordable it can be when compared to the costs of owning a home. It’s important to crunch some numbers before you and your dad get too far along in the process of finding a new residence.

Take a good look at the cost to keep up your dad’s home, if he still resides there. Consider this – even if the mortgage has already been paid off, the list of expenses can be quite long. From utilities, taxes, groceries and entertainment to continuous home maintenance and age-related renovations, the costs can add up quickly. If your dad has any current medical costs or expenses associated with home health care, those should also be included in your financial calculations for retirement living.

For your convenience, we offer a month-to-month lease on residences. The price varies by floor plan and level of care. Our financial counselor is adept at working out plans according to your specific budget needs. This blog on our website can help you compare the cost of living at home to The Atriums.

We wish your dad and all the dads out there a wonderful Father’s Day, and we welcome the chance to get together with you and your dad to answer your questions. Call 913-381-6000 for a personal consultation.