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Fun Activities for Seniors to Try at Home

Looking for something to do while stuck indoors? Now’s the perfect time to turn off the TV and pick up a new hobby. And who knows – you might even have fun! In this blog, we’ll discuss the real world benefits of having fun at every age, give you some activity ideas to try with your loved ones and tell you about activities for seniors in assisted living.

How Hobbies Help Your Health

It’s true – finding a new favorite hobby can have tangible health benefits. Studies show that participating in leisure activities leads to increased happiness, satisfaction and more successful aging. One study on Korean older adults found that regular participation in an activity can enhance social support, mental health and physical well-being.

How does that work? It boils down to engagement. Getting absorbed in an activity stimulates your mind and sparks your creativity. And that can work wonders, especially if you choose an activity that incorporates movement. Finding something you’re passionate about isn’t just about staving off boredom – it makes a huge difference in your happiness and health.

Indoor Activities to Try at Home

Ready to get started? We chose a few ideas for their low cost, ease of entry and ability to include your whole family:

  • Get crafty. Try painting, making pottery, knitting, sketching – anything that gets your creative juices flowing. You might even make a scrapbook of favorite memories to share with your loved ones. Whatever you choose, you’ll love the feelings of relaxation and accomplishment you get from making something with your own hands.
  • Cook up a storm. Nothing helps a family bond quite like food. Gather the members of your household in the kitchen and pick a recipe that gives everyone a job to do. From kids to older adults, everyone will enjoy time spent together – and best of all, you get to eat what you make!
  • Have a jam session. Whether they prefer to dance, sing, play or simply listen, almost everyone is inspired by music. Put on your favorite song and have an impromptu dance party – or make instruments out of things around the house (boxes, pots and pans, etc.). If you’re already musically inclined, you might hold a little concert for people in your circle.

How Assisted Living Helps

In most ways, moving to an assisted living community is like moving to any amenity-packed apartment complex. The main difference is the kind of comprehensive, holistic support that residents receive. Helping residents stay engaged in their own way is a vital part of promoting overall happiness and fulfillment.

At an assisted living community, activities are planned by Life Enrichment Directors or similar dedicated team members. These people are experts in designing and personalizing activities for seniors in assisted living. They work with residents to generate event ideas, create activity calendars and make sure that each day offers plenty to do.

What activities can you find at assisted living communities? All kinds! For fitness minded folks, many places offer plenty of exercise classes – think water aerobics and yoga. Academically inclined people will enjoy educational events and visiting speakers. And live performances and social mixers offer something for everyone. Some communities even offer substantial support for resident-led clubs. Read this to learn more.

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