Daughter Hugging Her Elderly Mother Outside

How to Choose a Senior Living Community for Mom

When you begin to evaluate the options for senior living for mom, there’s a lot to think about. From financial matters, to type of care level, to the range of amenities and services, the fact-finding can take time. But if you wait until a health or life event to make changes, the conversation can become much more difficult.

You can prepare yourself and your mom through research found on our website blog.

The Atriums can offer you and your mom the help you need to make a transition easier. Let us surprise your mom with all the perks of living here.

Our Overland Park, Kansas Location Is Ideal.

Our community is situated in the heart of Overland Park, which was named Livability’s best place to raise a family in 2019. The city is known for having family-oriented residents and safe neighborhoods. Our towering, elegant community is in the midst of popular shopping spots, exciting restaurants, entertainment venues and beautiful parks.

Moms Love Our Person-Centered Approach.

From your choice of gourmet dining to daily activities, our community was designed to honor our residents’ preferences. Our person-centered approach makes it easy to stay as busy or as relaxed as you want. Moms will have plenty of time to get back to what they really love doing, whether it’s getting back into the arts, learning a new skill, volunteering or making new friends. Our upscale surroundings and resort-like amenities were designed with seniors in mind.

Freedom to Lead the Life You Want.

Residents and their families will tell you their overall quality of life has gone up once they moved here. You may hear people say they worry they’ll give up too much and they won’t have a choice in their day-to-day lives if they move to a retirement community. Here, it’s quite the opposite. Your mom will love it!

Studies have shown those older adults who report the highest levels of well-being and happiness are those who socialize, volunteer, exercise or work. Mom will be able to do all that and more because we take care of gourmet meals, weekly housekeeping and linen service.

It’s reassuring to know that we offer both independent and assisted living depending on your needs. Mom can furnish her apartment with her own cherished belongs to make it her own.

We invite you and your mom to learn more about The Atriums lifestyle to help you in your decision-making. Call 913-278-2120 for a personal consultation as you begin to evaluate senior living for mom.