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Independent Living Tour Questions

Questions Checklist for Touring an Independent Living Community

Touring senior living communities can feel overwhelming. With all the information you’ll receive, it may be difficult to compare apples to apples. We recommend taking along a list of questions about independent living and jotting down notes to help you make a final decision. It’s even best to tour your two or three favorites multiple times.



Be clear about your health needs now and in the future.

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Questions to ask

What happens if I need more care than what is provided in independent living?
Is there a registered nurse or other medical professional on staff?
How do I alert staff in case of an emergency?
How is your staff trained to deal with medical emergencies?
Do you provide transportation to doctors’ appointments and medical centers?
If I have a long-term stay in a hospital or rehabilitation facility, what happens to my apartment?



You’ll most likely be offered a meal during your tour.

Questions to ask

How often are the menus changed? Do I have a choice in selections?
How do you provide for allergies and dietary restrictions?
Are meals freshly prepared on the premises? Are the ingredients fresh or seasonal?
How long has your executive chef worked in food service?
What meals are included in monthly rent?
Are meals served buffet- or restaurant-style?
Do you offer room service if I’m unable to come down for a meal?
Do you provide transportation to grocery stores? How close is the nearest store?
Does your community have a café or similar casual dining option?



Policies and procedures should be well documented, so ask for copies to read closely after your leave.

senior woman and man consulting doctor with clipboard
senior woman and man consulting doctor with clipboard
Questions to ask

May I have a copy of your lease contract that details all fees, rules and regulations?
What services are considered extra? How are they billed?
What fees do you charge?
If a resident is either late or unable to pay, how is that handled?
What circumstances would force a resident to move out?
May I bring my pet(s)? Is there a fee?



Feel free to ask any staff member questions about what they do.

Questions to ask

How much experience does your executive director have in senior living?
What training and background checks are required of staff?
What do you do if a staff person takes the day off?
Tell me about your <program director, maintenance staff, dining personnel, etc.>.



Take note of the various details inside the apartments and common areas. Is the overall look and feel appealing to you? Do the outside features such as gardens, sidewalks, and courtyards seem well maintained? Are there any “out of order” amenities such as a broken elevator?

Questions to ask

Am I able to bring my own furniture or do apartments come furnished?
If the building is older: When was the last time the building was renovated?
Is there maintenance staff onsite at all times?
What are your parking options?
May I have a list of all amenities and services?



Ask to sit in on one of the activities scheduled for that day. Is it well attended?

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Questions to ask

How are residents informed about daily activities? May I have a copy of the calendar?
Do residents have input on the type of programs and entertainment offered?
What activities do you offer that fit my interests and hobbies?
Are there any established clubs within the community?



Take your time to look for the details that will keep you safe. Do you see locks on the windows and doors? Emergency exits that are clearly marked? Overhead sprinklers? Smoke detectors? Carpets that can easily trip you?

Questions to ask

Who mans the front desk? Is there someone there 24 hours a day?
How can visitors enter after hours?
Are the outdoor courtyard areas secured and locked?
May I have a copy of your documented emergency procedures?



Talk to the most important people – the residents.

Questions to ask

What do you like best?
What would you like to see improved?
Was it easy for you to adjust to senior living?



The best communities listen to the feedback of their residents.

Questions to ask

How do you onboard new residents?
Is there a resident council?
How are any disputes resolved?
How much input do residents have about programs, activities and menus?


Yes, those are a lot of questions, and you may not get to ask them all in one trip. If you can, ask a family member or friend to go with you to help take notes and evaluate communities. Taking multiple tours is highly recommended. That way, you can revisit any additional questions that you may think of later.

If you have any questions about independent living at the The Atriums Senior Living Community, we’re always available with answers. Call us. In fact, come for a visit any time. Contact us today.