Senior Couple And Daughter At A Special Dinner

Life is for Living. Give it Your Best.

A steady stream of news about living longer – including tips for diet, exercise, mental well-being and personal habits – keeps hopes alive for aging’s cure. In the 20th century, for example, advances in medicine and health practices doubled the human lifespan.

While the research continues, and we ponder the implications and possibilities of living for 125 years and more, here’s a thought: Live well now. That is, while the end of life remains tantalizingly uncertain, let’s occupy ourselves with “the beauty that still remains,” as Anne Frank said. That means living your best life in retirement!

Senior living communities such as The Atriums are built for that purpose, offering a lifestyle that’s comfortable and enriched with friendships, personal growth opportunities and an emphasis on wellness. We lift each other up, revel in the joys of the day and appreciate every person. Something’s happening right now, and we’re determined not to miss it.

Purple Birthday Cake

Gertrude Stern’s 110th birthday

On a Thursday in February, cake was served in the midst of chatter and merrymaking, and we helped Atriums resident Gertrude Stern celebrate her 110th birthday. She was affirmed as an “outgoing” and “lovely lady” who’s known to be an “independent woman.” Her friends – residents and staff – gathered around, and we all became family once again, doing what we do best, laughing, caring and sharing.

Gertrude is a remarkable person who’s had the good fortune of longevity. She’s made the best of the adventures her life has offered, and in that, she’s like the rest of us who agree that aging often gets a bad rap: Living more is, after all, a good thing. And as Mary Oliver wrote, “Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.”

Happy birthday, Gertrude Stern. And thanks for your example of how to live your best.

Why not celebrate your next birthday as an Atriums resident? Make your move now and get the party started! For more information about living your best life in retirement at The Atriums independent and assisted living, call 913-278-2120.