Living at Home Vs. The Atriums…Compare the Costs

Living at Home Vs. The Atriums…Compare the Costs.

Once you compare the costs of living at The Atriums versus your own home, you may be surprised how affordable our senior living community really is. Even though your mortgage may be paid off, living at home isn’t free.

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Consider, for example, what you …


  • Gas
  • Trash
  • Cable TV and Wi-Fi
  • Snow Maintenance
  • Yard and Landscaping Maintenance
  • Property Taxes
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Outdoor Home Maintenance
  • Indoor Home Maintenance
  • Meals
  • Housekeeping
  • Entertainment
  • Fitness Programs
  • Educational and Cultural Programs


When you add it up, you’ll have a good starting point for understanding what it costs to live at home. In Johnson County, reports show 70% of seniors in Kansas City are spending 30% or more of their monthly income on housing. That does not even include all the extra spending seniors incur such as gym memberships, entertainment, groceries, and home and car repairs.


The average cost of independent living in Johnson County is $2,455 per month. This is lower than the national median of $2,550.

Grandmother walking with her children and dog and a senior living facility

At The Atriums, you’ll enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle with all the utilities covered. Plus, our lively community is brimming with amenities and services. You can take water classes in our indoor swimming pool, be chauffeured to surrounding shopping, and pampered in our beauty salon and barbershop.


Best of all, in addition to offering independent living, we also offer assisted living so you do not have to leave our inviting community should you need extra assistance. With our wide range of apartment styles, amenities, services, social activities and dining choices, you owe it to yourself to find out more.


Ask for a personal consultation to review the cost of living here now. Call 913-210-5955.