Grandmother Hugging Her Grandchildren

What are we thankful for at The Atriums?

Residents in our assisted living and independent living communities are looking forward to the holidays and we’ve been hearing through the grapevine what they are thankful for this year. As we made the rounds, we asked them questions and were delighted with their answers.

Q: What do residents say they are thankful for?

A: From birthday milestones and grandchildren (and even dogs), to being healthy, living at The Atriums, new friendships and good desserts, residents here are appreciative of a variety of things that enhance their lives.

Fall Decorations On The Table With And A Board That Says We Are Thankful For

Willie Nelson said, “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”


Equally important, we asked around how our staff and residents promoted thankfulness.

Q: How are you and The Atriums promoting thankfulness this holiday season?

A: The Atriums is planning special dining events, concerts and celebrations within our festively decorated spaces. Residents are looking forward to the lighting of the Menorah, increasing pledges at church, spending more time with family, being kinder, and simply listening.

Q: What celebrated events or significant happenings marked this past year?

A: Milestone birthdays were big at our community this year as well as great-grand babies, grandchildren’s weddings, and moving to The Atriums.

Happy Thanks Giving Thanksgiving Greeting

The Atriums is a wonderful place to entertain your family and friends…especially during the holidays. Our community was inspired by you and is designed with generous spaces to gather and socialize. And our Johnson County location is close to great shopping, restaurants, entertainment and world-class medical facilities.

Q: What are the residents and our staff looking forward to the most in 2020?

A: It’s interesting to hear what people within our community are looking forward to in the year ahead. Some are grateful the renovation is finished and they can now enjoy the community enhancements, while others look forward to attending musical concerts, being united with family, and getting back into shape.


One of the highlights of the year at The Atriums was the renovation of our community. Going forward, we’re always thankful for all the friendly faces we are fortunate to serve every day in our close-knit community.  Happy holidays!