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What to Expect From a Luxury Senior Living Community

What comes to mind when you think of “luxury living”? It might be a relaxing afternoon by the pool with beverages and snacks aplenty – or a day out on the town with a chauffeured limousine. You might also think of expensive foreign cars with leather seats and all the bells and whistles. When it comes to retirement living, luxury means a little bit more than opulent surroundings – and choosing the right place isn’t quite as simple as picking the shiniest exterior. Read on to discover a few of the features that set luxury senior living communities apart – plus a few tips to help you find one in your area.

Finding Value in Luxury Senior Living

Now, you might be thinking – “Isn’t luxury just another word for expensive?” Not exactly. While it’s true that a luxury senior living community can be quite pricey, this isn’t always the case. One major factor that determines price is contract duration. Put simply, communities that make big promises in exchange for a lifelong buy-in are usually the most expensive.

To avoid that, consider a community with a month-to-month rental agreement. Not only will you retain maximum financial flexibility, but you can receive care for life supported by thoughtful services and premium amenities. No matter what you choose, a truly luxurious retirement community is all about making your life easier at every turn – that often includes at-request transportation, concierge services and other high-touch offerings.

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Luxurious communities prioritize their daily living experience in even the smallest ways – including comfortable common areas and apartment fixtures made with premium materials. For example, luxury assisted living apartments can feel more like a custom-built home than a clinical or institutional environment, and the food they serve would suit a fine dining restaurant. If you like being pampered, don’t be surprised if you find an on-site spa, beauty salon and climate-controlled indoor pools.

Much more than their features and amenities, true luxury is about creating a feeling of sophistication in all things. From the interior to the exterior to the staff who serve each resident, a smooth, welcoming experience is the main expectation.

Why Choose a Luxury Senior Living Community?

If you’re like most folks, you’re probably something of a bargain hunter. Not that you don’t have the money – more that you wish to spend your hard-earned nest egg wisely. So why choose a luxury retirement community over the alternatives? Here are a few good reasons.

  • You won’t be “settling.” Think of it. You’ve earned the best, so you should enjoy the best! When you’re deciding where you’re going to live – whether that’s buying a house or renting an apartment – you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the creature comforts and everyday conveniences you really want.
  • You’re getting a lot for your money. Remember, you’re not just paying for the space you live in – you’re buying into an incredible lifestyle that comes complete with unlimited access to a lot of top-flight services and amenities. If you were to put together your own home gym or spa and pay to staff them with trainers or wellness experts every single day, you’d have to pay a lot more money!
  • Quality care is usually available. At many senior living communities, you’ll find higher levels of care – like assisted living that makes each day a little easier. But where will you find the most conscientious, bespoke services? It’s not a universal rule, but luxury senior living communities usually have more to offer.

No matter where your particular needs and priorities lie, you’ll discover that it’s really quite reasonable to choose a senior living community. After all, with expenses like home maintenance and upkeep along with the potential costs of hiring a home care professional, the price of staying in your current home can add up quickly. To put it simply, a luxury senior living community offers the lifestyle you expect – and can help protect your long-term quality of life.

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In Luxury Living, Location Is Everything

That’s why so many older adults in the Kansas City metro area choose The Atriums Senior Living Community. We set a higher standard for senior living where each individual’s needs and preferences are respected and taken to heart. Just a few minutes away from the top shopping and dining in Overland Park, living here is all about enjoying the best things life has to offer while remaining connected to the neighborhoods you know and love.

For any and all people weighing their senior living options, please don’t hesitate to reach out – or continue discovering what we offer by reading more about independent living at The Atriums.