a young female nurse caring for a senior woman sitting in a wheelchair in a nursing home

Why Is Senior Care Important?

It’s not a surprise to anyone: As we get older, our health needs change. And these needs aren’t just driven by physical changes in health. They also include changes in mental and emotional health, including a need to find new ways for the mind to stay active and engaged and to build and expand support networks.

The Changing Needs of Seniors

You may be asking yourself, “What are the needs of the elderly? How do they change as seniors age?”

Many of these changes are ones you already know about – for example, that as we age, our bones become more fragile. But did you know that as we get older, our body needs different nutrients – and nutrients in different proportions? That means that a completely healthy diet – for someone younger – may need to be rethought to maximize senior health. Exercise may need to be modified to meet changes in joint health or to improve changing balance and flexibility.

The need for mental stimulation and emotional support also changes. Without extended daily interaction with coworkers or family members, it can be hard for the mind to stay sharp and focused. Lack of social interaction can also increase depression and decrease motivation – at the same time that changes in eyesight or reflexes can making driving or getting out of the house more of a challenge!

A Senior Living Community Can Help

A move to senior living can provide a lot of the answers! At The Atriums, our menus are balanced around the specific nutritional needs of seniors – but we can promise you, the food is still tasty and delicious. Exercise and activity programs are specifically designed to be easier on senior joints – and to be easier to attend, because they’re right outside your door. We offer a variety of social programs and clubs, so you can explore your choices until you find the ones that fit you best. Through rich social interaction and fun physical programs, you can stay engaged and active – improving your health on all fronts.

What Level of Senior Living is Right for Me?

The Atriums Senior Living Community offers independent living and assisted living. What does that mean?

It means that when you make the move to The Atriums, you’re making a move to better health – to programs and amenities that can keep your mind and body active and your spirits high. But also that if your care needs change, we have dedicated and caring staff ready to step in and help you with activities of daily living.

Independent Living. If you can live safely on your own, Independent Living is designed for you. You’ll have full access to all of our great programs, our delicious dining and our community of like-minded spirits. But you’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that if you do need help, our team members are at the ready, happy to make your life easier.

Assisted Living. If you begin to need daily assistance with tasks of living, Assisted Living is the ideal solution. Our caring, professional staff make it easier for you to continue living the active, engaged life you’re looking for – and you can be confident they’re taking every safety measure and precaution for your health and the health of all residents.

The Value of Senior Living

Senior living has tremendous benefits, even during the current public health crisis. At The Atriums, we follow all appropriate guidelines from public health officials, because we’re determined to do our best to keep our community, residents and their families safe – while still maintaining the programs that provide physical, mental and emotional boosts. We understand the importance of the elderly to society, and we’re honored to be able to serve.

The health, safety and well-being of residents is our main priority. That’s why at The Atriums, we’re monitoring events in public health, following recommendations from the CDC and other government agencies, and creating an action plan based on real evidence. In each level of care, we’ve implemented stringent sanitation, screening and social distancing guidelines – and we’ll continue to follow the situation and make changes as needed.


No matter what kind of care you or your loved one need, we’re here to support your family. If you’re interested in what we offer (or want some answers to your biggest questions),  please reach out to us.