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Our residents have two things in common. They’re the most interesting people we’ve ever met and they’re the friendliest.

The Atriums Senior Living Community Resident Blanche


A social people-person. That’s how Blanche describes herself.

Forty years ago, Blanche was an Overland Park resident when The Atriums was being built – and she clearly remembers how exciting it was to read about the construction in the local papers. So when she decided to move from New Mexico back to Kansas after the death of her husband, her very first thought was, “I wonder if The Atriums has a place I can live.” Fortunately for Blanche – and for The Atriums –an apartment was available!

Always accompanied by “The Village Mutt,” her fluffy white dog Cosmo, Blanche is now a fixture at the community. She loves how social and friendly the community is – and how there’s always something to do. Whether it’s playing bridge every night or participating in one of the many other activities available, it is, as her son remarked, like she’s ‘living on a cruise ship that never docks.’

Born in New Jersey, Blanche is both a businesswoman – owning both a dressmaking business in Overland Park and a summer craft business in Florida – and the mother of six children. Now, she’s enjoying her ‘second stop in Overland Park on her trip around the world’ and loving every minute of living at The Atriums.


The Atriums Senior Living Community Resident Father Don Cullen

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Father Don Cullen has his roots deep in Kansas City, being not only born here but attending Blessed Sacrament as a child and DeLaSalle High School. He even attended UMKC, graduating with his business and public administration degree in 1965, before the Church called to him.

After attending St. Thomas Seminary in Denver, Colorado, he came back home to Kansas City, working in many of the local parishes, including Saint Joseph, Saint Paul and Saint Agnes. An only child, he was also a caregiver to both his parents and to his uncle.

That’s where his path led him to The Atriums. Five years ago, he realized his uncle, a veteran, needed more care than he could provide alone. At first sight, he already loved how beautiful, light and airy the building was – but he was won over when he sat down to talk to Lucille and heard her warm, ‘We’ll take care of him.’

And they did. Father Cullen was immediately impressed by how wonderful and attentive the staff were, and the great community of friendship The Atriums provided. He appreciated the large number of activities, the dining and the facilities like the swimming pool and hot tub.

He was so impressed, in fact, that when he turned 76, he decided to call Lucille again – this time, for himself! He moved in on April 1, one month after his birthday, and is now happy to call The Atriums home.

Father Cullen is still active at both The Atriums and the community at large! He refers to himself as a ‘substitute priest’ – providing mass and services at local parish when they need him to, and at The Atriums when asked.  His favorite thing about living at The Atriums is how easy and worry free it is – with housekeeping once a week, three meals a day and a great sense of community.

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Why did the Atriums residents choose us?

Because they’re smart seniors that opted for a rental-based community.